Johannes Janssen - Religious Historian

Born April 10, 1829, Kanten, Germany. In 1853, he obtained the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Bonn. He was chair of history for the Catholic students of the gymnasium at Frankfort-on-the-Main; a teaching position he held until his death. In 1860 he was ordained a priest. In 1875 he represented his constituents in parliament, serving as deputy to the Prussian Diet.

Johannes' greatest contribution was his historical research and writing. From 1876 - 1888 he wrote the "History of the German people" (Geschichte des Deutschen Volkes seit dem Ausgang des Mittelalters). These volumes described the political, religious, social and economic conditions of the German people from the Thirty Year War in 1618 to 1880. Janssen wrote with impartiality and respect about the origin and leaders of the Protestant Reformation. His meticulous research and humility let facts and statements justify conclusions and observations.

Johann Janssen was recognized for his literary and religious work by popes and scholars.
He died 24 December, 1891 in Frankfort-on- the-Main.